Wednesday, August 16, 2006

A strange measurement session

Today was my day for going to Tel Aviv to be measured for plastic leg casts. I have been waiting for this for 2 months now while all the bureaucratic paperwork was being sorted out. The secretary told me to come wearing shorts to make it easier for measurement. The whole thing was supposed to take half an hour. Not much to worry about I thought - apart from finding the place. Well I was in for a shock ...

After a long wait, Ronnie asks me to go in a room that looked a bit like a morgue. Then I was asked to take lay on a bed and take my sweatpants off. Then 2 men proceeded to cover my entire legs in bandages and plaster - right up to my knickers! After a few minutes the plaster hardened and then I was immobile. No, problem. Along comes Ronnie's sidekick with a hand-drill and cuts the plaster casts in half and just manages to miss sawing through to my knee. Then comes the fun bit, trying to shower off all the plaster which had stuck to every part of my leg. Not to forget my knickers which were as hard as concrete!

And I just thought the man was going to get a tape measure out to measure me up.

On a sadder note, it pained Moshe and me to see how many children were at this place being sorted out for leg casts. Some of them had never walked properly in their whole life. At least I got in over 40 years of walking normally. We just take these things for granted.

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