Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Walking on my own

A new milestone for me. I have walked around the house a few times with my walker and leg supports, and no one following behind me! Scary at first, but the worst case I fall. As my physio advised me I can remain in a glass box all my life, or try and go for it and make progress.

Well, it has given me a great feeling of freedom. I am still very cautious and mainly walk to the bathroom and back, but I guess this is just the beginning...

On the negative side; constant pain, infections and tummy problems are bothering me. Am waiting to start new painkillers which I hope will help.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

A change of face

Actually this is how I really look: smiling, nice hair, no glasses.

Most old friends will now recognise me from this new photo!

It is impossible for me to put my Sheitl on alone, and I haven't been able to teach my careworker how to do it well. I now look forward to teaching my occupational therapist how to do it easily and then she can teach me ...

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Pumping Iron

I used to enjoy exercise. In the last 10 years or so I had little chance to exercise much. I always used to bemoan this fact and look forward to devoting more time to it.

Well now the time has come. 3 times a day (for at least 20 minutes) I have to lift weights and strengthen my muscles. On top of this I have to find time to walk outside twice a day. This takes about 30 minutes per session. To find time for all of this I have to take time out from working, being with my kids, davvening, and speaking to friends.

It is hard to understand why this should be my "tafkid" (role) right now. It doesn't feel right. I know this must be my main focus for the coming year if I want to recover a little.

My father gave me some sage advice before Rosh Hashana. I have to hope that my children, husband and friends will learn from this. When life throws you obstacles you don't give up, you put your maximum effort in and trust in Hashem to get over the hurdles. I have a few good role models to follow, but I am looking for more...