Thursday, February 25, 2010

Do you have to be sociable to be into social media?

This entry is in response to all my friends who have asked me why I haven't written a blog post recently.

Contrary to everyone else's view, I believe that you should only write a blog post if you have something interesting to say. Yes, there are some people that have something remarkable to write about everyday. But the majority of blog posts I read are just worthless musings from unremarkable people.

So what have I got to say that is worthy of being published?

Social media is all about being sociable. It's about chatting, sharing, making people laugh, being outrageous and making yourself into a "personality". But there are some great people in the world that are naturally quiet and serious. The "non-personalities"probably outnumber the so-called "personalities".

My shocking observation is that these "non-personalities" will NEVER be into social media. I am backing this up by my own research on a sample of one - ME!

Yes, for about 3 months I felt very unsociable. Let's call it depressed. During that period of time I couldn't bring myself to write one Facebook update, send out one Tweet or even search YouTube. I was out of the loop of social media and just into unsocial media; reading and contemplation.

So YES, I believe you have to be sociable to be into social media.

Does anyone agree with me? Let's see some real academic research on this subject.