Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Be Be'Simcha

I try everyday to keep a positive outlook. I try everyday to keep a sense of humour. I try to smile to people everyday. I try to write only funny or interesting stories in my blog.

I like it when friends come to my house and sing for me. I like it when friends invite me to their Simchas. I like going shopping and treating myself to fun things. I like listening to all kinds of music on my MP3 player.

All these things I believe have a positive impact on my physical health.

Yesterday, someone said to me (via my husband), be be'Simcha about my health problems. I was quite cross at the time when I was told this. The advice-giver does not exactly go about with a happy face and he doesn't have apparent health problems. He doesn't have to endure the constant pain that I have all the time. This is an insensitive comment to say to an "ill" person!

Afterwards, my husband reminded me of what the Baal Shem Tov says. If anything bad happens to you or people say bad things to you, then this is a message from HaShem. We have to look for the meaning from it. I am trying to do this, but haven't had the revelation yet. I hope it comes in this lifetime...

Meanwhile trying to be be'simcha, but just don't say it to me.

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