Monday, September 24, 2007

Living one day at a time

Friends have said to me why don't I write more often. There are 2 main reasons. Either I haven't got anything humorous to say, or there is no "big message" I have to pass on to others.

Well, these last few months have taught me a big lesson in life. So now I feel I want to pass it on...

When we had to throw out in May our live-in careworker for stealing, I was scared. Even though I hated her, I had come to rely on her after over a year of her being with me in our house. But we had a new girl lined up so it shouldn't have been too traumatic.

Well, I was wrong....the girl left after a week and we had 4 months of temporary help. That meant training 7 different careworkers and training lots of girls/mums how to run our house. On top of this, this "episode" fell over the summer vacation when our kids weren't in full time school. So they needed to be amused as well.

Everyday I thought we wouldn't survive - no cooked meals, clean clothes, plan for the day etc. But we did survive, a "miracle" help always turned up in the end. Now I really know who my friends are!

But the main thing I learned from this difficult time was to trust in G-d and live one day at a time. Not an easy lesson, and I am still working very hard on the "trust" element.