Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Counting steps

I try and only write about positive things, so I can look back on my progress.

Progress is very slow and I am still at the level of counting steps. Today I managed to go up and down 9 steps twice. The down is the important part - very hard. Today I also learned how to get up from a chair, and how to sit back down again. These are all things everyone takes for granted, but I have to learn how to do it from scratch. Apparently so do geriatrics!

On a side note, I spent 10 days as a resident of an old people's home so I know what it feels like to be old. Not nice.... These places are terribly understaffed, and people were just left to fall asleep in their breakfasts and ignored most of the time. Something to look forward to ...

The more walking I do the better it gets. In the morning I tried to do without the wheelchair, and sit on a regular chair and use the walker. Tomorrow I get to try out a new wheelchair, so I hope it becomes a "museum piece" in our house!

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