Saturday, July 25, 2009

Is the Torah a thinking universe?

Anonymous Questions: I pose my queries to the universe. Peace upon you.
Answers: by Rabbi Moshe Yossef BA (Hons), Jerusalem 97492

Question: Do you believe that the "UNI' has it's own conscious energy? Science has yet to understand this.
Answer: According to Hassidism, as espoused by the holy Ba'al Shem Tov, every entity in the universe, indeed all matter, including inanimate matter, possesses inherent spiritual energy, without which it would cease to exist. This school of thought is a branch of Jewish mysticism.

Question:I don't know what theTorah sez about a thinking universe. Do you have an opinion?
Answer: According to Midrashic sources of the Torah every entity in the universe, including inanimate matter, has a type of spirit associated with, and representing it. Whilst I accept everything the Torah states unquestioningly, I have not yet delved in any depth in the spheres of mysticism. This being the case, I can only attempt to answer questions of this type on a basic level.

Question: Most people don't consider the skin as an organ?
Answer: I suppose that would depend on your definition of what constitutes an organ. In relation to the issues discussed above, it would appear to be true to say that the skin possesses its own intrinsic spiritual energy. As long as it is part of a whole, living body, I think probably it would share the same spirit as that of the whole body. In our faith, a living man has three distinct types of spirit.

May the source of all creation guide and direct you to your full potential.

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