Thursday, December 13, 2007

what it's like to be "OLD"

I guess a lot of people who reach their 40's ponder what it would be like to age and be old. Well, for me I don't need to worry as I already know what it's like to be "old".

I have also had the wonderful experience of spending 10 days as a resident of an old peoples home. A lovely place, but terrible care. At breakfast time, many old people were just falling asleep with their heads in the porridge and noone seemed to care. In the evening, some people were just abandoned in front of the TV.

Being "old" for me now is not being able to care for myself, constantly worrying about going to the bathroom and being too tired to go out and have fun. Also continual complaining and moaning about pain, and discussing medications with every person I meet.

So being "old" is not so terrible really - anyway with 3 kids under 10 I can't be a real Bubba!

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