Tuesday, July 25, 2006

I walked in the garden

This is just for me to track my progress and for everyone who is interested in what I can manage.

Today for the first time I walked outside! Not unaided though. I walked into the garden on my walker and out the gate. Then I walked up and down 9 steps once. I did all this with some help from my physiotherapist though. Going down the steps was not great - not as good as I did in December when I left the hospital. But progress nevertheless ....

Tomorrow I am starting treatments with a doctor practising chinese medicine - homeopathy and accupunture. I hope it doesn't hurt too much. But it sure is hurting my pocket.


Sarah said...

Hi Shoshana, Kol Hakavod on your Blog and on your walk outside. Your incredible strength of character and cheerfulness are an inspiration to all of us. No one knows when they might, G-d forbid, be struck down by some terrible event, chas v'shalom, and you are an example of emunah, gevurah and determination to overcome. Keep writing, keep exercising, and keep smiling!

oldtownboys said...

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